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ACS 810
  • ACS 810

ACS 810


Air conditioning services at maximum efficiency

Installation manual


The autoamtici air conditioning charging station for Heavy Duty systems

The ACS 810, the air conditioner charging station designed specifically to meet the requirements of buses and trucks, is dedicated to air conditioners with R134a refrigerant. The station automatically controls the recovery, recycling and topping up of the refrigerant. The 5 meter hoses facilitate the connection in all air conditioners.

Through the 2 liter bottle for oil injection and recovery, the ACS 810 unit is able to handle large quantities of compressor lubricant. The double fan ensures excellent temperature control and a constant refrigerant pressure during the recovery phase. At the same time it prevents overheating of internal components. The high-performance filling pump allows a rapid and complete top-up of the refrigerant and oil.

The station includes an integrated printer to create a detailed report and allows you to make a professional air conditioner service for heavy commercial vehicles and buses.

The advantages of the ACS 810 for short

  • Fully automatic process or possibility to select individual processes
  • Rapid and high vacuum (283l / min vacuum pump)
  • Large oil tank (2000 ml)
  • Internal tank (35 kg)
  • Long flexible hoses (5m)
  • Oil and refrigerant pump
  • Integrated database for trucks and commercial vehicles
  • Integrated washing program with optional kit
  • Multi-phase refrigerant recycling during the suction phase
  • Guided performance test integrated with air conditioner
  • Automatic purge of non-condensable gases
  • Easy maintenance of the internal filter
  • Vacuum pump accessible to easily change the oil
  • Printer

Main functions


Refrigerant recovery Automatic
Recovery/performance accuracy > 95%
Refrigerant analysis No
Oil drain Automatic
Vacuum function Automatic
Leak test Automatic
Pressure loss test No
Pressure loss test (N2/N2H2) No
Hybrid oil function No
Oil injection Manual, with electric control
UV dye injection No
Refrigerant refill Automatic with electronic scale
Washing function Optional
Printer Yes
Ventilation system Automatic


Valves Ap and BP 2
AP and BP pressure gauges 80 mm pulse-free Class 1
Cylinder pressure gauge 40 mm
Service pipe length 2.5m (2.5m and 5m opzional)
Display Display LCD
Compressor 1/2 HD
Vacuum pump 283 l/min (10 CFM)
Coolant tank capacity 35 kg (40 l)
Oil injection tank 1 x 2000ml
Oil drain tank 1 x 2000 ml
UV tracer tank No
Size in cm (L X P X A) 128 x 69 x 69
Weight (with empty refrigerant tank) 120 kg
Supply 230 V 50


Database vehicles Yes
Programmable user database Yes
Test Performance A/C Optional
Vehicle wash kit Optional kit
Usb connection No
Wi-Fi connection No
App connection No

Data sheet

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ACS 810
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