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KTS 350

Price: € 2.999,00

Mobile solution for complete vehicle diagnostics



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Code typeKTS 350
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Warranty1 year for company

It is a multifunctional tester containing all the necessary tools for troubleshooting.

The KTS 350 with its wide range of features offers a complete package for ECU diagnosis, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance.

KTS 350

  • Mobile solution for ECU diagnosis, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance
  • Support of all existing vehicle interfaces and those based on Ethernet, parallel operation of different BUS systems
  • PassThru interface for programming the control units on the vehicle manufacturer's portals. Note that the requirements for vehicle manufacturers must be observed
  • Plug & Play with ESI [tronic] 2.0 pre-installed and configured for optimal operation
  • Windows 10 tablet with faster boot system, thanks to the powerful processor and modern SSD technology
  • Online updates available regularly