The workshop authorized Bosch Car Service Veneziani Luigi s.r.l. , was born in 1977 thanks to the experience gained by the owner Luigi in diesel injection: over 35 years is a solid reference point for individuals and companies who want to rely on a complete and advanced in terms of equipment, notions and updates, as regular staff following training courses organized directly by Bosch. In the second half of the 90s, with the spread of electronics for engine management, the company is expanding its range, driven by the passion of his son Gianguido: he constantly following the development of control units, starting from the first memory eprom and coming to the latest generations of flash internal and external to the microprocessor, by means of wise rework of the original files, manages to improve the efficiency of current vehicle performance both in terms of absolute and operating economy. Later becoming a member of the company of his father, who founded the association with the experience of the field combines a passion for electronics and continues the tradition in generational line.

The calibration of pumps and injectors done on test bench Bosch, where technicians make use of the tables provided by the manufacturer.
Since 2010, operating the "clean room" for testing common-rail systems of last generation (3rd stage).
We also have pumps and injectors in stock, Pde, Pld of rotation for different models and engines, to reduce maximum waiting times and downtime of the client: if necessary intervene directly on the road or at other locations.
The workshop is also active in the engineering sector and provides diagnostic services, repair, tire and complete service, respecting the ordinary maintenance intervals specified by the manufacturer of the vehicle, thus maintaining the possible continuation of the warranty.
Since 2010, on the occasion of the enlargement of our premises, we are authorized by MCTC to carry out the checks for the periodic review of light vehicles (excluding mopeds, motorcycles and tricycles).

Another stopping point where we believe it is remapping the ECU for all models of cars, trucks, tractors and boats: optimizing the parameters of the engine management, you get lower fuel consumption and a better response in all conditions of use of the vehicle. This result is obtainable, in most cases, extrapolating the map from the intake OBDII placed in the passenger compartment of the vehicle.
We guarantee support to companies or individuals wishing to make use of our years of experience and expertise in the field, providing appropriate equipment and enabling them to operate in the best way.

The new challenges that we have collected through years, combined with the constant search for improvement to provide customers the best possible support, have led the company to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 - SINCERT.