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ACS 561

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The automatic charging stations for R1234yf air conditioners

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Delivery Time1 / 2 working days (depends from geographic area)
Code typeACS 561
Conditions of saleNew
Warranty1 year for company

The Bosch innovation for the diagnosis of R1234yf systems

The ACS 661 and the ACS 561 are technologically advanced stations that allow reliable maintenance and help maintain a healthy environment.

The technical know-how guarantees safety, ease of use and precision

The ACS 661 and the ACS 561 ensure a simple, fast and precise service of modern R-1234yf air conditioners. Bosch's technology and attention to detail ensure that the equipment complies with all applicable performance and safety regulations, including with regard to work on R-1234yf refrigerant systems.

The advantages of the ACS561 for short

  • Fully automatic procedure or possibility to select individual processes
  • Vacuum pump 170 l / min (ACS 661) or 72 l / min (ACS 561)
  • Internal tank of 20 kg (ACS 661) or 8 kg (ACS 561)
  • 3/8 PS compressor (ACS 661); 1/4 PS (ACS 561)
  • Hose flushing function for compatibility with hybrid / electric vehicle systems
  • Separate UV oil / dye injection bottle (ACS 661)
  • High performance pushed vacuum function
  • Integrated washing program with optional kit
  • Electronic control of internal air exchange
  • Automatic purge of non-condensable gases
  • Easy maintenance of the internal filter
  • Easy maintenance: simple replacement of the vacuum pump oil and the filter drier
  • Printer

Main functions ACS 561


Refrigerant recoveryAutomatic
Recovery/performance accuracy> 95%
Refrigerant analysisOpzional
Oil drainAutomatic
Vacuum functionAutomatic
Leak testAutomatic
Pressure loss testNo
Pressure loss test (N2/N2H2)No
Hybrid oil functionOnly hose cleaning
Oil injectionAutomatic
UV dye injectionNo
Refrigerant refillAutomatic with electronic scale
Washing functionOpzional
Ventilation systemAutomatic


Valves Ap and BP2
AP and BP pressure gauges63 mm Class 1
Cylinder pressure gaugeNo
Service pipe length2.5m
Display160x120 monochrome display
Compressor1/4 HD
Vacuum pump74 l/min (3 CFM)
Coolant tank capacity8 kg
Oil injection tank1 x 250 ml
Oil drain tank1 x 250 ml
UV tracer tankNo
Size in cm (L X P X A)107 x 61 x 76
Weight (with empty refrigerant tank)107 kg
Supply230 V 50/60 Hz


Database vehiclesOpzional
Programmable user databaseYes
Test Performance A/CNo
Vehicle wash kitOpzional
Usb connectionSi
Wi-Fi connectionNo
App connectionNo